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#DopeChick X @Itschesca

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What’s your Name? Francesca
What’s your twitter and instagram? It’s heads
What’s your nationality? Filipino
What’s your sign? Sagittarius
What’s your favorite cosmetic to use? Lipgloss
Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist? If I say tupac or jay z I’ll sound like everybody haha
What song gives you your fondest memory and why? Smile- Lloyd Banks. I was in middle school thinkin I was the shit prolly sang that in the mirror over 100 times
What is your idea of the perfect date? None, that’s the best part
What makes you a dopechick? Values and morals. Knowing the difference between right and wrong. The respect I have for myself and knowin who I am as a woman.
What is your most annoying pet peeve? When dudes front to impress me; that shit is so weak. I’m so laid back, you ain’t gotta lie to kick it.
Your ultimate goal in life? To be able to take care of my family by all means necessary. The grind and the hard work shall never stop.
What type of attention can you deal with? Depends, you gotta really catch my attention to deal with you lol.
What are you measurements? 36 27 40
What’s your favorite part of your body? My Lips
What’s one people don’t know about you? Hah’ good one. I’m really nice, sometimes I come off very strong and aggressive people assume I’m a asshole.
Who are your favorite designers, and why? Chanel- that shit is timeless man.
If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose? Happiness til the death of me.
What is your preference for men? Well, jk. Men
Have you ever dated women? I’ve kissed one before, and smacked her ass. Does that count? Lol
Favorite position? If I tell you I gotta kill you..
Craziest place you had sex? Hiking trail, I was scared as shit haha
Preference in woman? She gotta be all natural, I mean if I ever play for that team.
Most embarrassing moment sexually? Ya ever quiff before? Haha
Describe your sexual preference? Men
What’s your ultimate sexual desire ? Is my momma gon see this?
What’s hot in a man sexually? His demeanor, the way he looks at a woman with no hesitant.
What’s hot in a woman sexually? Shit, when I hook up with one I’ll let u know. Haha
Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink? Hennesy or Patron.. It gotta be either or.
If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer? Any woman over the age of 23 needa be in heels.
Describe your personality in 3 words? Honest. Love able. Loyal
What do you think is the best part of your personality? All of it, I’m honest cuz I know how to love and be loyal
Who’s your favorite NBA/NFL team? I’m from Los Angels so you already know.
If any, is there a celebrity that influences? Nah, I got myself to look up to.