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#DopeChicks X @Claribel_Moreno

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What’s your Name?Claribel Moreno
What’s your twitter and instagram? I only have an instagram: @Claribel_Moreno
What’s your nationality?Mexican
What’s your sign?Libra
What’s your favorite cosmetic to use?Eyeliner
Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist?J Cole
What song gives you your fondest memory and why? Just listening to old mariachi music, because it reminds me of my grandma singing and cooking in the kitchen.
What is your idea of the perfect date?My idea of a perfect date would be dinner and a movie, and maybe a little stroll at the beach after.
What makes you a dopechick? What makes me a dopechick is that I’ve been through a lot and I’ve still manage to go after my goals despite all the negativity around.
What is your most annoying pet peeve? Bullies and Graffiti Taggers, especially when its at a school
Your ultimate goal in life?My ultimate goal in life is to make sure my family is happy. But really, just to be able to pay my moms house off and for her to be able to retire early and just focus on being a grandma.
What type of attention can you deal with?I can deal with different attention, just not negative. Or negative people.
What are you measurements?34-27-39
What’s your favorite part of your body? My favorite part of my body are my eyes. I have pretty seductive eyes.
What’s one people don’t know about you?One thing people might not know about me is that I used to be a tomboy. I grew up up all boys so I wanted to be one of the boys too. 
Who are your favorite designers, and why? Honestly I don’t have a favorite designer. I wear whatever grabs my attention. Most of the time, its not even a big name brand.
If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose? I would probably go with happiness, just because I have seen even the wealthiest people commit suicide. Money can’t buy you happiness.
What is your preference for men?A tall intellectual man who has goals and ambition to make the best out of himself.
Have you ever dated women? No, never have.
Favorite position?Hmm…
Craziest place you had sex?In a bathroom stall
Preference in woman? A woman with a brain. She can’t just be all looks, that gets boring after a while.
Most embarrassing moment sexually? Having my manager walk in on us.
Describe your sexual preference? My sexual preference male.
What’s your ultimate sexual desire ?To climax at the same time with my partner.
What’s hot in a man sexually? Whats hot in a man sexually would have to be his scent. He has to smell good.
What’s hot in a woman sexually?As for a woman, I would have to say the same. 
Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink? I don’t usually drink, but when I do, I like to drink Ciroc.
If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer? I would prefer Jordans, just because I like to be comfortable most of the time.
Describe your personality in 3 words? Chill, Mellow, and Awesome
What do you think is the best part of your personality? My best part of my personality would be my sense of humor. I like to play around a lot.
Who’s your favorite NBA/NFL team? San Diego Chargers and the LA Lakers 
If any, is there a celebrity that influences?   Not really. I like to read a lot, so I tend to just take whatever sparks my attention and I apply it to my life.

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