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#DopeChicks X @Dayna26_x0

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What’s your name? Dayna

What’s your twitter & Instagram? I don’t have twitter but Instagram is Dayna26_x0

What’s your nationality? Puerto Rican & Salvadorian

What’s your sign? Virgo baby!

What is your favorite cosmetic to use? My Mac Lipstick ANGEL

 Who is your favorite hip-hop artist? Future I love me my trap music!

What song gives you your fondest memory and why? All I do is win by Dj Khaled because it reminds me of my trip to Brazil during carnival time.

What is your idea of a perfect date? I am not picky person, just take me to a bar to watch the game eat some wings and drink some beers.

What makes you a Dopechick? What makes me a dopechick would be my personality, how strong willed I am and how I’m an independent single mother.

What is your most annoying pet peeve? A man who has absolutely no drive or table manners.

My ultimate goal in life? Would be to be successful business women with her my own home.

What type of attention can you deal with? I can deal with all types of attention.

What are your measurements? Bust: 36DD Waist: 27 Hips: 37

What’s your favorite body part? My Legs 

What’s one thing people don’t know about you? I’m actually really sensitive but I come off as a cold person.

 Who are your favorite designers and why? Christian Louboutin, his shoes just make any women feel sexy and confident.

If you had to choose between wealth and happiness which would you choose? I would choose happiness because wealth can make you happy for so long.

 What’s your preference for men?  I’d prefer a man who has goals in life and an amazing personality.

Have you ever dated a woman?NO

 Favorite position? Face down ass up!!

Craziest place you’ve had sex? In the women’s bathroom at a baptism 

Preference in women? I’m not into women, but if I had to choose curvy and athletic.

Most embarrassing moment sexually? Attempted to have sex in the shower and the guy tried to pick me up but slipped  and fell on my back and hit my head on the corner of the tub lol.

What is your sexual preference? I am straight all the way!

What is your ultimate sexual desire? To feel worshipped in bed!!

What’s hot in a man sexually? When he can read my body and know exactly what I want from him!

Do you drink if so what is your favorite drink? Yes, I do drink and I’m very simple with it, vodka & club soda kind of girl.

 If I had to choose between Jordan’s and heels which would you choose? Hmmm, that a tough one I love both so I’ll have to say I can choose because Jordan’s are comfortable and heels make me feel sexy and confident.

Describe your personality in three words? Tough, Loving, and Controlling

What do you think is the best park of your personality? When I love I love hard!!

What is your favorite NBA/NFL team? Knicks and giants all the way!!

  If any is there a celebrity that influences you? Kim Kardashian, although I don’t agree with a lot of things she does, but as far as her fashion sense that what I love the most about her.