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#Dopechicks X @Parisnatoria

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What’s your Name?Paris Natoria 
What’s your twitter and instagram?)parisnatoria ig and fb
What’s your nationality?Still looking for my grandfather to find out!
What’s your sign? Leo.
What’s your favorite cosmetic to use? I prefer natural as possible or organic brands
Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist? BIG and Pac I can’t choose 
What song gives you your fondest memory and why?One More Chance- BIG because after that song came out I made my first little studio in my grandma house and it was on from there. It was the summer and every kid came to my spot. Lol
What is your idea of the perfect date?Something different like an art museum to find out their interest or beliefs.
What makes you a dopechick? My  mom said I was dope when I was born… My ability to survive and make a way for myself coming from absolutely nothing I think makes me a strong individual.
What is your most annoying pet peeve? Bad customer service… lol why be rude when I’m giving you money… I will cancel service, drive off ect..
Your ultimate goal in life? To help others who may feel their circumstances wont allow them to excel and possibly a movie.
What type of attention can you deal with?) I can deal with it all because at the end of the day the attention I give myself is the only type that will effect my well being.
What are you measurements? Slim Thick 
What’s your favorite part of your body? Favorite part of my body is my mind it has helped me out of more situations than my phat butt ever
What’s one people don’t know about you? People don’t know that I am actually shy. Most think I’m mean or stuck up.
Who are your favorite designers, and why? I like whatever looks good on me. Not too into labels because they go out of style I like classic looks.
If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose? I would choose happiness because I’ve had more money than I could count but still was surrounded by the wrong environment so I spent wrong as wasn’t happy. As long as the bills paid tho, can’t be broke either.
What is your preference for men? As I grow my preference is changing I used to like em “Thugged out” now I like a more professional that’s a lil ruff around the edges, family oriented yet still knows how to be fun and spontaneous.
Have you ever dated women?Lol I had a moment with a woman but never had a “girlfriend” and that moment was to prove to my man at the time that he didn’t have to cheat we could do this together…. he couldn’t take it! 
Favorite position? I can’t tell you that maybe too much for yall!
Craziest place you had sex? Craziest place…..Well I’m grown now so I’m ready to try some things in “strange places” when I find that one I can trust.
Preference in woman?HMMM 
Most embarrassing moment sexually?LOL
Describe your sexual preference? MEN 
What’s your ultimate sexual desire ? My ultimate desire and I can’t believe I’m telling yall this but… Is outside in the rain with it warm out or on the beach at night.
What’s hot in a man sexually?Whats hot in a man is confidence and if he takes his time to know your body..
What’s hot in a woman sexually?NO
Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink?My fav drink right now is quite simple either pineapple vodka with pineapple slices or a glass of chardonnay I only drink when I’m out in a club atmosphere.
If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer?It depends…. I’m a shoe person so I love them all but nothing makes me feel more grown and sexy than a pair of heels.
Describe your personality in 3 words?Crazy, Sexy, Cool
What do you think is the best part of your personality?Best part of my personality comes from  being around people from different ethnic and economic backgrounds and it’s my ability to relate and understand we are all just people. So I’m good anywhere. 
Who’s your favorite NBA/NFL team? Even tho Bron left I’m still rocking with the HEAT.. 
If any, is there a celebrity that influences? Even tho I write music I’m still a fan most influence comes from within, but faith lauryn big people like that will always get recognition from me.. And Thank you for this a couple questions made me blush. Peace