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#DopeChicks X @Raquel_Savage

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What’s your Name?  Raquel Savage

What’s your twitter and instagram?  Twitter: @Raquel_Savage IG: @RaquelSavage

What’s your nationality?  Mixed (Black & White)

What’s your sign?  Sagittarius

What’s your favorite cosmetic to use?  Lots of mascara and bronzer!

Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist? Don’t have a favorite but Trap Music is my favorite sub-genre (eg. Gucci, Migos, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, etc…)

What song gives you your fondest memory and why?Jhene Aiko ‘You v Them’ is a sentimental song for me.  It reminds me of my old best friend from college who I lowkey was crushing on.

What is your idea of the perfect date? Something that involves an actual activity: Swimming, cooking, etc… It’s less awkward when you’re doing something constructive together. I HATE dinner being the first date – just sitting there, awkwardly. No bueno.

What makes you a dopechick? I’m fearless.

What is your most annoying pet peeve? OMG so many things… I hate when people are late, hate when people chew/swallow loudly, hate know-it-alls, hate everything about driving in Miami… The list is endless

Your ultimate goal in life? To become a famous Sex Therapist with my own TV show, books, and sex toy line.  My goal is to transform people’s views/misconceptions about female sexuality. And my ultimate goal is to help women have better orgasms.

What type of attention can you deal with? All kinds. I’m an attention whore, actually. I’m sure you’re not surprised.

What are you measurements? Curve Goddess

What’s your favorite part of your body? My face and hair. And clit. Duh.

What’s one people don’t know about you? I’m actually super introverted. And I love to read.

Who are your favorite designers, and why?  Don’t have one. I don’t see the point in being a walking advertisement for a company that isn’t paying me.

If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose? Happiness.

What is your preference for men? I like secure, assertive men. A man who I feel safe being submissive to. A man who is smarter than me but doesn’t boast about it. And of course, a man who’s not afraid to try EVERYTHING with me in bed… or out of bed if the mood strikes.

Have you ever dated women? Yes, I date whomever I’m attracted to – Man, woman or any variation of that.

Favorite position? On my knees

Craziest place you had sex? In a photography dark room while other students were in there, unaware that I had a hand over my mouth and a dick in my…

Preference in woman? I like women I can dominate since I’m submissive with men.

Most embarrassing moment sexually? Anal gone wrong. That’s all that needs to be said.

Describe your sexual preference? With men I like to be submissive. I feel comfortable taking orders and being praised when I’m doing a good job. I like a man who isn’t afraid to try some weird s*** with me, no boundaries.

What’s your ultimate sexual desire?Orgasms. Lots of them.

What’s hot in a man sexually?I like muscular backs/shoulders, strong hands, nice feet and a d*** that’s buttery smooth.

What’s hot in a woman sexually? I think women are the sexiest when they’re confident, regardless of physical appearance. But uhm petite girls are cute to me.

Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink? Tequila! I’ll drink almost anything, though.

If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer? Heels. I’m not a sneaker chic. But I did own a pair of pink G-Units in middle school. Ha!

Describe your personality in 3 words? Fearless. Alluring. SAVAGE.

What do you think is the best part of your personality? I’m an intense person; I experience everything in extremes. It’s both the best, and worst, part of my personality.

Who’s your favorite NBA/NFL team?Sports? Eh… I’m more of the “Baby, lemme blow you during halftime” type of chic…

If any, is there a celebrity that influences? Nah…