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#DopeChicks X @Rlwawa

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What’s your Name? Wawa
What¹s your twitter and instagram? Instagram is rlwawa , no twitter
What’s your nationality? Italian and black
What¹s your sign? Sagittarius
What¹s your favorite cosmetic to use? I love the mac bronzing highlighter
Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist? Nicki minaj
What song gives you your fondest memory and why? Anything from partynextdoor -he’s dope and I love his free spirited lyrics
What is your idea of the perfect date? Shopping!! just kidding but i love romantic dinners.
What makes you a dopechick? Not only my style but just the way I do things. I like to party, travel, work, i graduated college so i think any female who is ambitious and wants more for herself is dope.
What is your most annoying pet peeve? Gum. It just bothers me.
Your ultimate goal in life? My ultimate goal is to move my whole family in a big house and build a family owned business for my little brothers.
What type of attention can you deal with? I am not an attention seeker but i can deal with positive attention.
What are you measurements? 34-28-43
What¹s your favorite part of your body? My Eyes
What¹s one people don¹t know about you? I think too much.
Who are your favorite designers, and why? Chanel and Gucci are timeless pieces. Balmain is so dope – I’m obsessed. Theory and Helmut Lang has some great pieces too.
If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose? That’s hard. Wealth. Wealth would eventually buy you happiness.
What is your preference for men? I love strong aggressive men. I like a man to be extremely ambitious, respectful, and dominant but still a sweetheart.
Have you ever dated women? No.
Favorite position?  Uhhh lol
Craziest place you had sex? I keep it conservative
Preference in woman? Natural ! too many plastic girls running around.
Most embarrassing moment sexually? Never Had one.
Describe your sexual preference? Dominant
What’s your ultimate sexual desire Don’t have one
What’s hot in a man sexually? Desire
What’s hot in a woman sexually? I guess for a guy it would be facial expressions
Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink? Do I! i love Champagne, Ciroc pineapple is my current favorite, I’ll take some Hennessy if i want to just be a goof.
If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer? Heels!
Describe your personality in 3 words? Fun, Smart, ambitious
What do you think is the best part of your personality? My sincerity
Who¹s your favorite NBA/NFL team? I never watch sports
If any, is there a celebrity that influences? Anyone Being successful is an inspiration. Some of these celebrities are obnoxious but people who build an empire are influential.