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#Dopechicks X @Shanka_Bitch

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What’s your Name?

Crystal but my nickname is Shanka

What’s your Twitter… Instagram … Snapchat ?

T- Shanka_Bitch IG- Shanka_B Snap – ShankXXX

What’s your nationality?

I’m a very rare 100% Puerto Rican

What’s your sign?

Team Leo

What’s your favorite cosmetic to use?

I LOVE using Mac products & Anastasia for the brows but my favorite product for EVERYDAY use is a Maybeline eyebrow pencil in medium brown its only like 9 dollars and I swear by it.

Who’s your favorite Hip-hop artist?

Champagne Papi DUH. Drake is A1

What song gives you your fondest memory and why?

Jennifer Lopez – Feelin’ So Good ft. Fat Joe & Big Pun


Is this even a real question … this song was straight Puerto Rican power players from the Bronx. Most importantly this song is from Jennifer Lopez …. Lets not forget she played Selena which I also ADORE, shes from the Bronx & she BEEN had the cake like me.

What is your idea of the perfect date?

Alright … So there are levels of dates… this is hard. It depends honestly like how deep in we are in dates because chicken wings & french fries can be a date if we are just smoking & cooling. Although sometimes I wanna go out get dressed up & do something different …. aka flex on the gram. But really for me as long as weed is involved & we are enjoying ourselves that’s perfect to me.

What makes you a dopechick?

I don’t think Im a dope chick … I’m an EXTRAORDINARY CHICK

What is your most annoying pet peeve?

UGH everything annoys me but… lol hmmm lemme think…. I HATE feeling like anything is forced like don’t force anything I like to let things fall into place organically if its meant to be it will be.Whenever I force anything even a simple night out I end up looking like that pic of School Boy Q between some girls mad serious.

Your ultimate goal in life?

BE HAPPY x TRAVEL THE WORLD x GET MONEY & Do whatever the F**k I want.

What type of attention can you deal with?

I can deal with anything … this doesn’t mean I still don’t get shy or self conscious. I just feel like in general I can handle anything that comes my way.

What are you measurements?

Oh hell no I’m not about to measure myself Ive been eating way too much since the summer ended.

What’s your favorite part of your body?

The entire thing. LOL

Ok but If I had to choose I’d say my boobs because everyone just focuses on the ass.

What’s one people don’t know about you?

Damn these questions getting harder… People don’t know a lot about me but they def don’t know I pay for my own flights each & every time. Not my man, not my family, just me saving up picking and choosing wisely what to spend money on. Ain’t no sugar daddy’s here BIH…
ShankaQuote – Love & Treat yourself right girl cause ain’t no one gonna treat you better than you.

Who are your favorite designers, & why?

No one really… Im not a name brand type of person. Never been the type of girl to save up for red bottoms or a piece of clothing… I just like comfort I could live in basics forever… stretchy & cozy clothes.

We all know that you was very important in the 40 Ounce movement is their possibly something in the works for you?

Yea I def did !! From the Idea of the BBQ’s uptown to the planning of it. I even the grilling of the food & making sure everything went smoothly, Including the clothing line. I’ve helped multiple times & still help after every monthly drop. I’ve learned a lot throughout the years working behind the scenes for the brand so this year I’m def going to be dedicating time to work on some things for myself this year.I’m looking forward to having people get to know me for me not just 40′s shorty because I’m way more than just his shorty.

If you had to choose between wealth or happiness which would you choose?

Wealth fuck that. Money makes me happy.

What is your preference for men ?

Chocolate … slim – healthy … Nice teeth & Lips a MUST. I like them laid back, you gotta come off confident , funny & most importantly NOT THIRSTY.

Have you ever dated women?

Date … nah maybe something else tho.

Favorite position?

Bruh really. I like to position myself in bed cause I love being lazy and sleeping.

Craziest place you had sex?

I guess in a Car … like at noon for lunch.

Preference In women ?

I just like happy, flirty girls that are sweet & confident with a cute face to match … body type not too picky .. at all I think all women are beautiful.

Most embarrassing moment sexually?

OMG I hate to even remember this but I was drunk laying on my back & didn’t realize I was on the edge of the bed so I fell so hard and stood laying there for a good 10 seconds stuck. I didn’t know if that meant it was quiet for being sexy or not. I really hate even thinking about it lmao NEXT QUESTION.

Describe your sexual preference?

Man I said enough sex shit.

What’s your ultimate sexual desire ?


What’s hot in a man sexually?

Tattos , Melanin poppin, Lips and clean cut.

What’s hot in a woman sexually?

Curves & confidence.

Do you drink, if so, what is your favorite drink?

I was on the Henny wave so hard till my girl told me on vaca that it had the most calories so now I’m on the champagne campaign.

If you had to choose between Jordan’s or heels, which do you prefer?

Sneakers ! Any day BUT sometimes I wanna look like a grown ass woman so I’m half & half.

Describe your personality in 3 words?

Smart X Witty X LIT

What do you think is the best part of your personality?

I can make anyone feel comfortable/good & I’m so giving / caring If I fuck with you I’m gonna show you how much I fuck with you till you give me a reason not to.

Who’s your favorite NBA/NFL team?

My friend just told me I was going to watch a game with her then told me the name of the team & I didn’t know if it was basketball or football …. lol So basically I’m trying to say I don’t watch sports I just watch the big important games like Playoffs and follow cute athletes online lol.

If any, is there a celebrity that influences?

My life in general that I look up too … Hell yeah Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Amy Wine House, Aaliyah, Rihanna, Amber Rose, The WHOLE Kardashian clan especially Khloe & Beyonce. Girl power & they’re all bosses